The Diabolical Schemes Of Thadeus Jackson


Former NSA Agent, Thadeus Jackson, risks it all in an attempt to kill The Supremacist, Defender of Capitalism and The American Way.

A Brandon Crowson Film.
A Son Of A Crow Production.
Independently produced in Minneapolis, MN.

Director's Statement:

I was tired of going to Black Lives Matter protests that don't change anything so I decided to channel my anger into my 2nd film. I created a villain who the establishment report to be a superhero, who's crimes were inspired by specific instances of police brutality. The protagonist isn't a hero at all, but a man on a single minded quest for revenge. We shot The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson in the summer of 2018, and I spent the next 2 years in post production as I did all the editing and visual effects myself. There's a scene in the film where The Supremacist chokes a black man to death while giving a long winded "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" speech. The character's last words are "I can't breathe.". When I wrote this version of the story in early 2018, that scene was supposed to be a nod to Eric Garner, who's last words were "I can't breathe." when he was murdered by the NYPD. One day while I was in my basement editing the climax to the film, George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department, while trying to say "I can't breathe.", 1.6 miles from my home, kicking off what locals refer to as "The Uprising".

I made this film as an entertaining social commentary about a serious issue, that has only gotten worse in the time it took me to edit the film. That's the America I live in.


WINNER, Best Action/Adventure Feature, Another Hole In The Head presents Warped Dimension, San Francisco, CA 2021

WINNER, Best Adventure/Fantasy/VFX Film, MLC Awards, Green Bay Wisconsin 2021

WINNER, Best Of The Cold (Best Of The Semester), MLC Awards, Green Bay, Wisconsin 2021

WINNER, Scene Awards, Richmond, Wisconsin, 2021

WINNER, Best Cult Film, Cult Critic Movie Awards, Bengali, India 2021

WINNER, Jury Award, Andromeda Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2021

Official Selection Another Hole In The Head presents: Warped Dimensions

Official Selection Andromeda Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2021
Official Selection Standalone Film Festival & Awards, Los Angeles, 2021

Official Selection Indie Eye Film Awards 2021

 Official Selection MLC Awards, Green Bay, WI, 2021

Official Selection Chicago Film Awards 2021
Official Selection Frosbite International Indie Fest 2021
Official Selection Lift-Off Global Network 2021