Social Media Content Portfolio

Over the course of my film career I developed a knack for understanding and strategizing around the ever evolving world of social media. I use my sense of humor to manage and grow various PG rated humor and political satire pages such as Guillotines For Billionaires 2020 (25,000+ followers), For Your Intertainment, (19,000+ followers), F this Imperialistic BS (17,000+ followers), and many more. I funnel traffic from those pages to and sell funny t-shirts that way!

In 2015 I successfully overshot my first film's goal budget using IndieGoGo, Facebook, and Instagram and my ability to make graphics and videos. I have also for the past 5 years, effectively used Facebook as a way of generating traffic, funneling that traffic to shopify stores, and converting that traffic into revenue, on my own time, independent of supervision from anyone.

I have also done professional social media content creation for a couple different companies now and am always eager to work with companies that appreciate my artistic style.

Please find samples of my social media video content in the playlist of my past work below!